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We used to be called Simply Careers, because we were all about careers.

... but I've changed my focus, so I've changed the website (and maybe the name, too...)

20100522 at home 038.JPG

"Us" is overused... There's me, really... Shani. And some dear friends who happen to be at the forefront of reshaping the future of work.They are brilliant collaborators with the best ideas, and I'm very lucky to know them and work with them. 

A bit about how ORGWRK came to be: way back when, in 2010, I started a company called Simply Careers with a dear friend. Back then, we were an "us". And, "no," we used to answer when we were asked. "Simply Careers is not a recruitment agency."

Over time, my friend and I went deeper into different parts of Talent and Learning in organisations, and Simply Careers didn't make sense anymore.

Along the way I made more dear friends who've helped me reshape my specialism and reshape what used to be Simply Careers into ORGWRK: a new way to work, in future-thinking organisations.

The web person in me knows this is not the best practice, but you can learn more about me through my LinkedIn profile.

The daisies, by the way, are outside my office. Not for any particular reason other than this picture always cheers me up, and I hope it cheers you up as well. 

Here's some client cred



ACI Worldwide





DU Telecom

Civil Aviation Authority

Wells & Young's


Nuffield Heath

World Duty Free Group

CMC Markets

Greenfield Social Housing

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