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Step up your people practices

to meet the challenges of today's working life

people analytics

collect the right data, mix it with more right data, and ask it *all* the questions. 

join me in creating meaningful people analytics that will give you meaningful insights so you can set the pace that's right for your strategy, rather than keep up with the Jonses.

ask me how I can help you understand ROI for investing in your people.

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HiPer distributed teams

with social distancing here to stay, and more than a third of professional workforce wanting to make remote working a regular fixture in their worklife, it's time to make distributed working work for everyone.

one of the most important things 2020 taught me, is how to bring globally dispersed and physically disconnected people together, and create high performing individuals and teams.

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capability + career

have you ever found yourself in the middle of a project, and realised you didn't have the right tool?

what if you had a method and a toolkit to make sure the tools you needed were created and eveolved with your project, so you were never at a loose end?

That's capability (with bonus career development).

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org improvement

need to change? let's make the most of it.

understanding people is key - we know that because we are getting better at being customer focused.

as work evolves, employees' and colleagues' experiences and opinions will matter even more.

ask me about sustainable ways to make your people happy, and keep them happy.

learning and talent

strategy, process, best practice, technologies, data, design, build and delivery.

All things LD&T, evidence-based, engaging, scalable, experiential, measurable and (!) FUN.

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whether you want some external perspective and soundboarding, or whether you want your colleagues to improve their coaching attitude - this is the toolbox for you.

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