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Case Study:

Interactive, gamified, leader-led 


This global client had a complicated new rule book and had to make sure its 15,000 employees in +50 countries took it in. Failing to embed this rulebook quickly, would have triggered severe consequences.


How to get people to willingly adopt a new way of working, despite it being complex, lengthy and felt as though it kept people from doing their actual work? 

This rule book was very big, and very complicated.

It introduced many new concepts and many practices that were widely resisted across the company, as they were perceived to be slowing down the sales process (the outcomes of which were the primary means of measuring success).

It was also perceived by the wider leadership teams to be a block for achieving financial results, and was fiercely contended in many regions.

"This is the best learning experience I’ve ever had in this company."

(said a senior ops lead of one of the largest territories with +15 yrs tenure)


Make it funny, fun, competitive and lead by local leaders, in local languages, in small groups (and have them do a little bit, often and regularly).

This meant creating a host of activities and games, either honing understanding of knowledge base in critical areas or practicing rule combinations into how they will be applied in real world situations, but without the usual “case study” exercise. Instead, how about a Bingo-like game? Or Build Your Own Adventure? Here’s a board game you can try – and many more!

All of which are delivered by team leaders, to with local teams, in their local languages. 


increased participation

improved knowledge

less resistance

knowledge assessment pass rates increased

assessment cheating instances reduced

This was the blueprint for a “hearts and minds” flywheel campaign, which is still in full swing today

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