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Case Study:

Capability Boost


A global client facing an automation challenge, with an increasing squeeze on cost, without taking on additional risk, and upgrading their customer centricity mindset and levels of service. The existing competency framework was outdated and didn’t provide the necessary input.


How to change people’s minds and habits about their own career development – empowering people to drive them (or else…)?

The majority of professionals in this industry are technically minded, and view professional development as a necessary evil. A culture of “training I only done if mandatory” contributed to de-prioritised development as a tool to deliver and exceed client expectations. 

"This is how you change an industry!"


adapting, repositioning and embedding the capability framework to:

  • align with short-term deliverables and long-term strategy

  • be behaviour-based, so it is easy to action improvement

  • create career development maps for +30 roles

  • develope a personal dashboard that identifies gaps

  • deliver a career development toolkit and guidance how to close gaps

  • engage individual contributors and managers to use these tools and build meaningful development plans

  • global skill/behaviour gap analysis

...all this in less than 9 months.


+50 engagement sessions
+2,000 e-learning courses taken 
2 global development plans

1 country's operations turned around

The approach, framework and embedding work were pivotal is turning around operations in one of the largest markets.

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