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Case Study:

Advanced People Analytics 


Multiple clients! Local government, small and large enterprises.


How to tell whether we are creating the right culture? 

many organisations ask these questions: How do we know that our managers and our teams collaborate or communicate in a way that makes the organisation work better? How do we know that our management helps their teams achieve their goals, rather than get in their way? How do we choose where to focus our change? How do we make sure that the learning we provide has the right impact and delivers the right value? What can we do to make small changes to how we work that will make people feel they are valued and belong?

"It's given us the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with our managers and teams about what investment they want, and balance it with the return we seek."


The Method: an academically rigorous tool, that investigates culture, interactions and learning in a way that provides direct insights into actionable changes. It then assesses whether the investment in learning and culture change had the desired impact on organisational performance. 


Each deployment of The Method provided its participants with insights that triggered meaningful actions:

  • Local government organisation realised they have a tangible way to measure organisational wellbeing, and engaged in understanding their metrics better.

  • Large retail enterprise decided to invest team dynamics to improve working relationships and bust silos.

  • Small enterprise invested in understanding career and development goals of their employees as the company was experiencing a growth spurt, to make sure development investments were focussed.

"This analytics tool gets right to the heart of the performance and culture issues - whether on a board or operations level."

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