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Case Study:

High Performing Distributed Teams 


1,800+ employees across 50 countries, and one account within a global services company.


How to sustain productivity and focus with so much uncertainty, ambiguity and disruption?

When the impact of COVID began to be felt globally, many of the people on this account, for the first time in their working lives, had to work from home, even while delivering services to maintain the client’s buildings. On top of distributed working culture and productivity, they also contend with the uncertainty about their jobs as they evolve.

"PowerUps gave my team the opportunity to refuel, rejuvinate and sharpen their skills at a time we were kept on our toes."


PowerUps! - a space for colleagues to share their concerns and experiences, through guided discussions and evidence-based tools to help them as their daily routines, working life and personal lives changed, and as they coped with mounting uncertainty.

A purely voluntary engagement, and set up as live discussions facilitated multiple times per week, over different times to allow individuals from Sydney through to Vancouver to attend.


+100 active community members
+100 casual attendees
+40 topics delivered over 
+120 hours of interaction

+75 stories of positive impact for individuals and teams

"PowerUps became the main source for ways to work smarter, handle difficult problems and grow resilience."

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